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Resident Evil: Raccoon City
Excalibur: Yes this is PK's 1.08.
(2) Bloody Alley.scx
Excalibur: It can't be saved because it has nothing of value or thought, thus the map has nothing to save. Start again and use the guide I posted.
(2) Bloody Alley.scx
Excalibur: Terrible mineral placement and distribution. No layout to speak of, no concept. Its just a two second trash map really.
Best Civilization & RPG Map
Excalibur: You could try my Civ/Diplo hybrid Diplomacy: Empires if you haven't yet. :) http://sc.nibbits.com/maps/project/37/diplomacy-empires I like th...
Apparently Nibbits Has No Idea How Melee Works
Excalibur: We already have the ones I linked to on SEN. There isn't much I could do to improve upon Arax's guide. However I'll submit it here anyway.
Apparently Nibbits Has No Idea How Melee Works
Excalibur: Greetings Nibbits users, I am Excalibur. I come from a place called SEN. We affiliate with Nibbits (see our little image at the bottom of the page...
[XoG] (2)Desert Thunder
Excalibur: Linear, imbalanced, and garbage, like all your other creations.
Snowball Heaven: 1st Real Update!!! More+Doodads!!!
Excalibur: So you spammed doodads, improperly laid out resources, and made entirely linear paths from player to player? Are you serious?
(8)Metal Conquest.scx
Excalibur: Not a shred of balance in the entire thing.
Excalibur: I don't think I see a single element of melee balance throughout the entire map.
(4) 5625.scx
Excalibur: Terribly imbalanced. Bad mineral amounts and formations. Too tight. Non-existent expansion layout. Tank holes everywhere.
hackers should be banned
Excalibur: An unprotector is not a hack, first and foremost. Second, you need to think about the precedent you're setting. If you're going to punish people...
Diplomacy Africa v2.0.scx
Excalibur: Terrain is god awful. :(
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: For the Gauls, Hydra -> Infested Kerrigan.
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: I'm not sure but I think Coll is broken and that's a bug relating to the vic/defeat triggers. To win, your enemies must have 0 hatch/lair/hive/cc/n...
Hero Sanctuary [BT3].scx
Excalibur: Give 'em hell Norm.
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: I'd like to point out to my fans that there are indeed people throwing low ratings at this map. However I send everyone who votes a 3 or lower to c...
Where did D:E go?
Excalibur: Okay, thanks Cramer. :)
Do you run a community site?
Excalibur: Added SEN. Please look into D:E's latest map being missing. :(
Where did D:E go?
Excalibur: Where did the latest version of Diplomacy Empires go? It disappeared. Another rogue staffer?
Looking for sandbox/muckaround map
Excalibur: He's probably looking for one of the various RP maps. Check my uploads for a few.
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: 1) Are you sure you wanted the bunker to be killable very easily with sunken? This way I can get a lot of resources quite quickly. -I wasn't awa...
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: Thanks Krucial. My team and I work hard. :)
Interesting problem + deleting own maps
Excalibur: Hey Cramer, I know you've been pretty busy but if you could get me that information and such soon, it'd be cool. Farty is working on his new compre...
Diplomacy Empires 96b7.scx
Excalibur: How long does what take? The terraining or the picture? Terraining a 256x256 map in such detail does take a lot of time. The latest terrain took...
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