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  • Update: Version B has been released!

    Version B:

    Version A (previous):

    I'm happy to announce that my first professional map that I've been working on for about four and a half months is complete. It's been lots of fun making it and I'm positive most of you will love it. Some key things about this game is that it's terrifying, has a well written story (mostly borrowed from SH2), has survival horror elements, and has some awesome music (again from SH2, by Akira Yamoaka)

    Directly from nibbits game description:

    "You haven't experienced true SC horror until you have played Silent Hill: Restless Dreams for SC, made by EzTerix.
    Based on the terrifying series Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Restless Dreams combines survival horror elements, shock moments, and an overall tense atmosphere to create the perfect Starcraft horror.
    Featuring music from the game Silent Hill 2 and Akira Yamoaka.
    Another feature are the five characters, each with their own story to tell about Silent Hill. You take control of one of these five characters in an attempt to fulfill their goal in Silent Hill. The download is definitely worth it because not only is this game incredibly eery yet exciting, it also can last multiple playthroughs to fulfill each of the multiple character's goals.
    Not only that but it also includes in game cinematics to add to the story and atmosphere.

    Comments: First I have to thank the makers of Silent Hill 2 for such an epic story and incredible game. It gave me much inspiration to make this game. I had a great time over the 4 or so months I worked on it. This game helped me learn a lot about Starcraft UMS mapping techniques which is awesome. I hope you enjoy this game!

    EzTerix "


    Now as promised, the walk through *warning slight spoilers*

    ---Walkthrough Start---

    Prolouge -

    *Find key in the parking lot (place with the cars) Notice: All available players must find to individually access Woodside Apartment

    *Use key to enter WoodSide Apartment (door is in the west near the water)

    Woodside & Bluecreek Apartments -

    *Use the electricity control panel on the second floor

    *Find the Garage Key on the 3rd floor in a closet (it's a small opening near the second open room)

    *Use garage key on the first floor on the locked door

    *Find key in the bathroom on the first floor (after garage, bottom room)

    *Use the key on the locked door on the second floor

    *Find the Bluecreek key on the first floor of Bluecreek Apartments in the bathroom (or after cutscene)

    *Use key on the bottom locked door on the second floor (one without StraightJackets in it, also the one with the display text)


    Second floor of Woodside apartments has a Healthdrink

    Town of Silent Hill -

    *Make your way to Petes Bowl-O-Rama , north east after you exit Bluecreek

    *Make your way to Rosewater Park, northern part of city

    *Make your way South West to Heaven's Night

    *Find Hospital Key in Heaven's Night

    *Enter Hospital


    There is a health drink southeast of the town near a blockade, you could see the blockade in the "Prolouge", it's just at the other side in the "Prolouge". Careful of numerous Straight Jackets

    ---Walkthrough Continued Next Post---

    US West

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