Why People Watch StarCraft, Instead of Playing
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  • From Blizzard
    We cannot make that region switch.

    My reply
    How can I play online against persons in Europe?

    If they tell me I can't, I will NOT pay for HOTS, nor any other Blizzard games (most of which are crap anyway, in my view).

    I would indeed be quite mad and have no self respect to financially support such a self serving business.

    Blizzard are like Seinfeld's Soup Nazi ... NO EUROPE FOR YOU ... NO LAN FOR YOU ... NO PRIVACY FOR YOU.

  • another reason
    because after they made over 50 million dollars they are just decreasing the price with 10-15$. EA is not so selfish. After they released nfs world it was FREE til lvl 10, but it was FREE, and after a time they made it FREE all levels without paying anything. Even Ubisoft released AC:brotherhood with an easy cracking campaign.
    But no.... Blizzard is the "best" and it's still having a "battle" between them and crackers. F******g selfish people. May I say something about activision, or other games company? Even windows 7 is much more easy to crack I think

  • Thanks again!

    Just sent:

    "I wish to have my region changed from sea to eu for my Starcraft 2 game as the persons whom I know that have the game are in Europe."



    E-mail Has Been Sent

    Your request has been submitted successfully to our junk folder. We will be back in touch with you when hell freezes over, as soon as we have an answer or solution for you or like whatever, or if we require additional information to help resolve this issue and keep homeland security informed of your subversive thoughts.

    Please be aware that you are being monitored, if your email service or software utilizes restrictive junk or "spam" filters, you may not be able to receive important emails from our support department or we may not have bothered replying in the first place. This can often include critical account notices, password recovery, and billing confirmation, called to be transferred to Guantanamo and the like. If such filters are in place, these messages may wind up in a junk folder, or even be deleted automatically or create a rift in the space time continuum. We assure you that the NSA is not monitoring this, or they might be, we just love to play mind games with our suckers, I mean customers.

  • if you contact blizzard support over email or phone they will release your cd-key r directly change your account to be in the europian servers!

    as an excuse you can simple say your friends are in there ;-)

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  • Thanks ... updated the settings.

    Is there anyway to change this regional crap?


    I want to be in Europe.

    I am sure the bastards at Blizzard are the same black hats that do airport security in the USA.

    If you are a frequent flyer in the USA, it is the same as pitching a tent for a year next to Chernobyl ... like the Frankenstein food ... the price is yet to be paid.

  • I don't have a problem you knowing my name. I trust you.

    I do have a problem if I like playing online and having my privacy compromised.

    Also I don't want to know other people's real names. It is none of my business, but Blizzard like the other bastards, Facebook and Google are like some kind of backdoor for the NSA.

    That then leads to what a terrorist organization the US Government is, what a US lacky Australia is, and quickly goes off topic. lol

    Maybe I should make a special "Bin Laden the Freedom Fighter" map ... now THAT would create attention lol!

    Anyway I digress. I will look into the above setting and also how to get out of this crap Oceania/Asia region and to Europe.

    For the record, I am not against the Americans, only their terrorist Government that spends more on the military and a police nation than welfare, education, health and empowering the people.

    ... and I am drinking orange juice too! Not alcohol lol


    I should add to the bastard list of NSA backdoors the iPhone, which thankfully I don't have and don't want.

    I don't know your username there, but mine is Charlemagne! lol

  • lol

    the real ID after lots of complains now can be changed and be HIDEN there is a security-privacy (my ass) setting in the battl.enet website when you login that can control that!

    we will talk with PM friday to meet online.

    Developer & Moderator
  • Sounds cool ... I just logged into my account to see how to add someone and they want me to provide my full ID ... just to play a game. I recall reading about this and think it is too much to ask.

    Who the hell do Blizzard think they are ... Check Point Charlie during the cold war exchanging spies?

    I really HATE Blizzard.

    Privacy needs to be respected and Blizzard have no respect for their customers.

    Can the LAN be played over the net? Sorry if that is a stupid question ... and if so, does one have to give a blood sample, first born, the bones of ones ancestors and a meal place at the table, like those bastards at Blizzard demand - or is it like whatever username you want?

    Oh, did I mention I hate Blizzard ... just feels good to say such. If any company deserved piracy, it is those bastards!

    I'll try to not be subtle with my views next time. :P


    If your friend is alive, he can be found. Let me know.


    I may change my account name to "fuck you blizzard", though I suspect that will have already been taken!

  • if you play once a game and you learn the strategies and have fun in a LAN game, trust me you will love sc2!

    i started to love sc1 after i finished it, only when i play with my best friend back then in LAN. we where moving our desktop PCs with our parents from one's place to the others to connect useing IPX/SPX and LPT1 before we even had LAN cards! amazing days!!!!!

    the agony the passion the drama, the fun was so so cool!

    Nick Thasitis i miss our games buddy i wish we didnt loose contact when you left for Germany ;-)

    p.s Charlemagne maybe we could find a soutable time frame this weekend and have few online games just for the fan of it, trust me i am noob! :)
    i am at the Europian server thought! :(
    if you are here come to chat

    Developer & Moderator
  • I am a map maker, when it comes to Starcraft 2 ... not really a player or spectator.

    Most of my games are on my own maps ... testing.

    I wouldn't say no to human team play against the AI, but haven't played online nor against a person ... still waiting for vernam7 to create a clan or maybe Mag will. I won't as I am new to Starcraft 2.

    I do like to watch quality Starcraft 2 games, but most are crap, utter crap, and some of these crap games are "fashionable" that they are titled "cheese" games ... but still crap.

    Thumbs up to quality game matches ... unfortunately such are very rare.

    Aside from my maps and here at Nibbits, I find Starcraft 2 boring. I find Blizzard annoying.

    I really look forward to Elder Scrolls ... now THAT is my kind of game. :D

    They say that Elder Scrolls is a lot like Fallout but with arrows and swords !!! lol :P

  • because for me its lets stressfull and more fun i guess!

    i have arround 100hours of watching gameplay, 5of playing and 1billion of working-coding for sc2allin1 launcher :P

    Developer & Moderator

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