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    Starcraft UMS creator/patcher from South Korea. Focusing on Type-Moon Arena mainly.

  • WinMPQ

    Created by ShadowFlare

  • TinyMap 2

    The best StarCraft map compressor

  • Unused Unprotector 2

    Unused Unprotector 2 vFinal Created by Unused

  • OSMap 2

    OSMap2 v1.00m

  • Strategic[GER]

    i hope you enjoy

  • StarCraft XTra Editor

    Since I have heard problems from moving to 2.6 (and the fact some people prefer the early version), I have decided to...

    This is utillities can give more editor to Starcraft

  • WinMpq

    This utillities to create original campaign and extract your data to original data of Starcraft. But you must have S...

    i am strong, wight, not scinny, not fat, black hair.

    The very well known and popular Chaoslauncher. With this program you can run Starcraft in windowed mode. By MasterofC...

  • FireGraft v0.93

    This program create from DiscipleofAdun and use for edit buttons of Starcraft

    PvZ Ivannumberone 1-31-11

  • Map Sketch

    The best images to maps generator out there. For discussion, bug reports and all the additional info visit SEN forum...

  • TinyMap 2

    The best maps compression tool out there. For discussion, bug reports and all the additional info visit SEN forums (...

  • MPQ Draft


  • StarCraft X-tra Editor

    StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 has several modes: CLASSIC-MODE: Standard version (All scripts, standard unit-settin...

  • Open Source Mapping Project (OSMAP)

    Another unprotector Don't be afraid of the DOS prompt

  • Archn Unprotector

    From the Help button >> How to unprotect a map: 1. Open the map. Click the 'Open' button or go to File -> Open ...

    A tool for Windows operating systems that allows the easy browsing and extraction of .MPQ archives.

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