StarCraft Map Editors

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  • Strategic[GER]

    i hope you enjoy

  • StarCraft XTra Editor

    Since I have heard problems from moving to 2.6 (and the fact some people prefer the early version), I have decided to...

    i am strong, wight, not scinny, not fat, black hair.

  • StarCraft X-tra Editor

    StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 has several modes: CLASSIC-MODE: Standard version (All scripts, standard unit-settin...

  • SCPM image to map converter

    Show a GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG image onto minimap! For Windows Vista, 7, and above, check box on "create uncompress...

  • SCM Draft 2

    SCM Draft 2 is the ultimate all-around map editor, it can do anything any other editor can do and more, it's all you ...

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