Predicting's social future
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  • Lol they think since facebook is the best they should make everything like facebook but theyrs just going to ruin the good games.Good in some ways but disapearing in modern games.Yes its going to be a tottal waste the work the efford it will no effect games r ment to be played facebook is ment to socialize.

    ZEEP 13
  • Me neither.. Wc3 is dieing for Blizzard.. And who knows, if they ever gonna do something similar to Wc3.. (Wc4 could be made with a new story and new races and such *still hopes*)

    Would be cool if they would stop those damn bots and implement that 2.0 into Wc3.. But I think the effort isn't worth it..

  • I don't think their going to do anything to change Warcraft 3 tho


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