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Korhal Guerilla
UnholyUrine: Mains are too small, and Naturals are a bit too hard to defend. Tho it may not be a big problem
UnholyUrine: You have a Fuzzy voice... :P
One Big Zombie Rampage
UnholyUrine: Read bottom comment first :C Lastly, I felt some of the weapons aren't made equal… C4's suck…. Barricades are okay, but are wasted way too early...
One Big Zombie Rampage
UnholyUrine: At first, I felt iffy with the stacked units.. but once I got into it, it was fine, and showed me its charm. There are still quite a few problem...
The Puzzling 2 v1.2.scx
UnholyUrine: Explode Your brain, Here.
Temple Siege classic
UnholyUrine: So THIS is what Moose was talking about :P
Samurai RPG!!!.scm
UnholyUrine: One of the best hack n slash RPG. It's called The Five Samurai, not Samurai... RPG. There's also a secret, but it requires full house ;). Any...
Dodge The Light 2.3 [P].scm
UnholyUrine: Super Fun Game!
Xuru RPG
UnholyUrine: This is the first, and probably the only RPG that let's you save your level status with a Password. This way, when you join others' games, you c...
Pressure Defense 3.8.scx
UnholyUrine: One of the first successful competitive defense games. This paved the road for later defenses like Line Tower Def. Try it ;)
A s t r o g e a r s Mk. I v3 (AI Gears)
UnholyUrine: This is a very complex map made by Tuxedo_Templar. Although it is too complicated for my taste, give it a try. Cause anything from tuxlar is bou...
Quests Open RPG v2.1
UnholyUrine: One of the best Open RPGs on SC.
Oozing Blob 1.4.scx
UnholyUrine: This map is Great Fun, and really challenging. Great just when you're bored and have nothing better to do. :P
LoH_100 stringfix.scx
UnholyUrine: As the ppl below me would say, it is a great RPG map with very polished design. However, I found it boring after 45 minutes, as it really is a t...
Labyrinthos RPG.scx
UnholyUrine: One of the most Longest and Grueling RPG in the history of SC. Also, one of the best RPGs that map makers on SC has to offer. When you play this...
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: You can always have azala to do them heheheheheheheh.. >:) whip him to shreds
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: I personally think the "Favorites/Hearted" system would work well once a good community has been built. I know you've done TONS of work behind t...
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: I wouldn't agree with adding a "time played" algorithm, as it would take too much time, and it will not be what people are looking for. Again, if i...
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: 3) Community Lastly, I feel that Nibbits is not strong enough to represent a growing community. To be rank, it's more like a dump, where m...
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: 1) Rating System One thing that bothers me the most is the rating system... Terrain??Units? SOUND???? No one on b.net cares about those. And I ...
Nibbits more of a Starcraft Vacation.
UnholyUrine: Recently, I've been convinced by Azala to revisit this site and upload some maps. In the beginning, I disliked this site as it is just one b...
Duplicate Maps
UnholyUrine: Ah, this specific case was my fault. I thought for sure this site wouldn't have Yellow Submarine, as it is quite an obscure, and old map. There...
Shrapnel Bombers a.scx
UnholyUrine: Forgot to say that this is not done yet D: There're still two modes to be worked on. But the other four modes are quite good already :)
UnholyUrine: Yeah, I didn't notice that. I was so sure it wouldn't be on here cause it's kind of an obscure map D:
Your assistance please
UnholyUrine: -Rush episode 1 by Tuxedo_templar -LoH (i forgot full name.. Legend of Hoenn?) by qPirateKing -So it begins
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