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Manga Madness v1.1b
xRyStaRx: I appreciate all who download the map from the link than physical DL, also if you have questions leave them below.
Bleach Blade Battlers EX v1.1
xRyStaRx: good upload j0k3r
Manga Madness v1.0b
xRyStaRx: If u got some bugs or glitches you can report them to Manga Madness forum.
Enfo's Team Survival: Ripped Off!
xRyStaRx: fucking bots
xRyStaRx: meh, has anyone here on europe got some beta keys yet?
Diablo 3 maps
xRyStaRx: i doubt it would have . they don't want mods and stuffs at all~ Well the game engine seems very nice you could do much cool stuff with it.
Temple of Behemoth v1.1
xRyStaRx: very nice.
Anime Dota 4.3
xRyStaRx: Well this doesn't sound cliche at all.
DotA v6.73c LoD v2
xRyStaRx: would be nice to know what commands exactly.
Manga Madness v.0.9b (BETA)
xRyStaRx: All feedback and such would be appreciated. If you have item or hero suggestions you may post them at the forums.
Manga Madness v.0.6 (BETA)
xRyStaRx: thank you :)
Enfos DBZ
xRyStaRx: Why is this called DBZ
[T]art Arena
xRyStaRx: Might give a try to this one.
Manga Madness v.0.2 (BETA)
xRyStaRx: Can Moderator remove this bugged version out.
Shonen Wars v1.9d
xRyStaRx: hey can u make fairy tail map I'm working on new project which will feature fairy tail characters but i won't probably make a map which will feat...
Diablo 3 beta gameplay video
xRyStaRx: Are the blizzard sending the beta keys now?
Diablo 3 Will Require Players to be Online When Playing
xRyStaRx: Vernam is right, its pretty retarded that Blizzard has become quite Anti-LAN and all that. I have too internet issues now and then, and it will suc...
Anime Showdown AoS beta
xRyStaRx: I ain't lying bro.
Shonen Wars v1.9d
xRyStaRx: Yeah there isn't AI Version out of it, sorry never had chance to make one.
DotA Allstars v6.64
xRyStaRx: Go to www.getdota.com if the one link your using is not working at all.
Pardon Me, but could someone tell me about online...
xRyStaRx: The game would fill, if its on Europe or Northern USA, West seems kinda dead not sure.
Tom and Jerry 2011 [1.08]
xRyStaRx: Is this version translated to english?
xRyStaRx: I think its public beta, so everyone gets one :P
Diablo 3 maps
xRyStaRx: Well, Diablo III looks fantastic that much i can say about it. If its going to have a map editor then its going to be pretty awesome. The Game engi...
Gradient Mixer
xRyStaRx: Well this is maybe best tool for this, although you can always get the codes from the net too.
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