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  • For the past 24 years, New York Fashion Week has been an elite event for industry insiders, celebrities and other VIPs who go to be seen as much as to see.But the New York shows are undergoing a mid-life crisis now, rocked michael kors handbags by big shifts in how consumers shop and questions about how accessible the shows should be to consumers.One of the biggest changes started last season, when a number of designers showed coach outlet online see-now, buy-now collections.“At the end of the day, everything is a financial decision,” said Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis. “The industry is in flux and business is not fabulous for everyone, Longchamp Bags so maybe there are more changes this season.”Steven Kolb, the chief executive of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the nonprofit that controls the official calendar for New York Fashion Michael Kors Outlet Week, admitted that “a period of experimentation” has slammed the Big Apple’s semi-annual shows.“The rules in the past have gone away and designers are trying something new,” Kolb said.Nevertheless, Kolb insists michael kors outlet online the high profile defections are “coincidental,” adding that “for every designer who leaves, a new one comes in.”
    It’s not easy to follow Rihanna, but Maxwell Coombs-Esmail and Adam Thomison are michael kors outlet up for the challenge.On Feb. 6, the two designers behind local streetwear label Control Sector will launch their first women’s line at Six:02, Foot Locker’s more upscale Herald Square boutique, a Coach Outlet Store Online space previously occupied by Bad Girl RiRi’s Fenty Puma wares.“They’re having us do an entire store takeover,” says Thomison, a 38-year-old native Californian, about Control Sector’s collection of leather crop tops, michael kors silky gold “joggers” and a Rihanna-worthy “hoodie dress” with slits up the leg. “We’re superexcited.”The pair met about five years ago, when they — along with Thomison’s younger brother, Luke — michael kors outlet online were studying fashion design and merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the Garment District. Coombs-Esmail, a 27-year-old former competitive snowboarder, had several design classes with Luke, a West Coast Coach Outlet Store skater, and they clicked immediately. “We did all our homework together, hung out together . . . and that’s how I met this guy,” he says, pointing to Thomison.Golden Hour Bomber $295 and Michael Kors Outlet Online Fate Dress $110.The three started Control Sector shortly after graduating in 2013, just as the fashion world began to go crazy over the skater-inspired look.“We wanted to create clothing you can michael kors outlet online just throw on, run out the door and look awesome [in],” Coombs-Esmail says. But it wasn’t easy for three novices to put together a collection on a shoestring budget; two weeks Longchamp Outlet before one of their first Fashion Week presentations, they realized they had never gotten samples back from the factory.“Luke and I essentially handmade the entire collection in two weeks, just sewing coach factory outlet day to night,” says Coombs-Esmail. “Some of my final projects from FIT ended up in there, because we just needed to show something! But people actually ended up really liking it.” michael kors outlet clearance (Luke had to later leave the label due to health issues.)A sales associate for Foot Locker, who had been at one of Control Sector’s early shows, actually approached the designers at michael kors outlet a trade fair in August, asking if they were ever going to release clothing for women. “Then she said, ‘How would you feel about releasing it exclusively with Six:02?’ ” says Coach Bags Coombs-Esmail. “I was like, ‘I would feel pretty good about that.’ ”The resulting collection — which will also be available on Six:02’s Web site — contains some 20 pieces, ranging from $45 michael kors outlet online sale for a cotton tank dress to $595 for an embroidered leather bomber.It’s just the first of a series of big launches for the duo. In February, Control Sector will debut its Longchamp Sale Spring 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. And in March, the designers will unveil a new collaboration with Fetty Wap called By Order Of . . . , filled with camo puffer Longchamp Bag jackets and screen-printed hoodies.“It’s been a long road, but this year is already really starting to feel like there’s a big shift in energy behind the brand,” says Thomison. “Maybe soon coach handbags we can hire someone to answer e-mails.”
    Blink and you’ll miss them — but these tiny tattoos are suddenly big.Ever since a few weeks ago, when Bella Hadid debuted her minuscule coach purses angel-wing ankle tattoos, the trend’s taken off. They’re the work of Greenwich Village tattoo artist Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena, 36, who also inked Hadid’s squad — Hailey Baldwin, and Kylie and Kendall Coach Handbags Jenner.About two years ago, Valena says, he started getting requests for abstract lines, signatures and handwritten mantras, usually from models, actors and anyone worried about body art getting in the way Coach Purses of their professional lives.As tattoos go, his miniature masterworks are pretty low on the commitment scale, since they can easily be concealed. Unless, of course, you’re Justin Bieber, who had Valena Michael Kors Bags ink a tiny cross on his right cheekbone.But simple these tats are michael kors bags not: The smaller-than-a-pinky-toe images on Hadid’s ankles took about 90 minutes. More complicated designs take longer.“Because of how fine the lines are, there’s really no room for error,” says Valena, who lives and works in the East Village and hopes to open a studio in Soho.But good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos Michael Kors Handbags aren’t good. Valena charges $300 an hour for his designs, no matter how tiny.“At the end of the day it’s something you’re going to take to your grave,” he says. “What Longchamp Outlet else can you say that about?”
    Another model, who declined to give her name for professional reasons, says her period once stopped because she was starving herself so much.“Designers need you Coach Outlet to be a 34-inch hip, 24-inch waist, 32 bust, and that’s what I am,” says the 19-year-old brunette, who is signed to one of the city’s top agencies and runs the Coach Outlet Online buzzy satirical Instagram account @shitmodelmgmt. “I can’t stray from those measurements ever, and it’s scary … Those measurements play in your head every day.”According to Pedersen, a standby diet for many michael kors models is nothing more than a single apple, cut into several slices, a day. She recalls a time when her friend had a leftover slice at the end of the day.“I coach factory want to be good today,” the teenage catwalker had said, proudly.Sannie PedersenPhoto by Gabi Porter • Jesus Estrada, Designer/Stylist • Antonio Estrada, Designer/Armani Beauty • Model Dress: J&A Estrada.Some designers want Longchamp models looking so gaunt, they don’t allow them to drink anything the day of a show, lest they appear bloated.
    Adam Dubanowitz once bagged groceries at a ShopRite in Paramus.Now everyone’s coach outlet checking him out!The 26-year-old supermarket employee-turned-model recalled his struggles to get in front of the camera while balancing 70 hours a week at ShopRite.“It really wasn’t much fun at a certain Longchamp Handbags point,” Dubanowitz laughed, looking back at his grocery career.“I mean at the beginning it was great, surreal getting all kinds of opportunities I never had before. But then working 50, 60, Michael Kors 70 hours, it became impossible to maintain a diet, workout and get my name out there.”So after a long talks with his girlfriend, Dubanowitz finally bagged that ShopRite gig at the Michael Kors Purses end of 2015, losing the steady paycheck and health insurance.It’s paid off, putting Dubanowitz on the express lane to modeling and bodybuilding fame.The New Jersey native scored a major layout in michael kors outlet gay publication “DNA Magazine” this month and was featured prominently in “Fashionably Male” last year.Now he’s working out and getting ready for a major bodybuilding event around the corner – the michael kors outlet John Kemper Classic in Woodbridge, NJ, on April 1.Amazingly, there was a time not too long ago when the bashful beefcake was too shy to even don a tank top at michael kors purses his local gym.

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