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    Logo dressing Coach Handbags is nothing new, but when Anthony Vaccarello displayed a giant neon sign that spelled “YSL” at his first Saint Laurent runway show Michael Kors Outlet Online last fall, attention was paid. The iconic “Cassandre” typography — created by artist Adolphe Mouron Cassandre in 1961 under the tutelage of coach factory outlet Yves Saint Laurent himself — was famously dropped by Hedi Slimane when he took over the house in 2012 (he also dropped Longchamp Sale the “Yves,” leaving just “Saint Laurent”). Not only did Vaccarello restore the three-letter monogram but he went a step further, sending models michael kors purses down the runway wearing black patent heels emblazoned with it. The designer cleverly put the vertical design to good use on a Michael Kors Bags 4.3-inch heel, and while the message is a nod to the house’s legendary founder, the edgy silhouette is Vaccarello’s version of pure, coach purses modern sex appeal.
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