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  • The following is a list of changes that have been made, or will be coming shortly:


    - Change password page.
    - Request your password be reset.
    - Change your email, and name.
    - Upload an avatar (default will still be using Gravatar).
    - Profile pages showing your activity across the site.

    Battle.Net Linking

    While we have not been able to get our bots up and running as planned, we will be adding in support to register your account/realm with your Nibbits account.

    - Add any number of profiles.
    - Have the default (per-game) shown on comments/forum posts like anonymous users do.
    - Show your profiles on your profile page.


    The search will be updated to include projects. We will be adding more weight to projects, and higher ranked maps on search results.


    Along with new profiles and identities for users we will be adding simple reports. This will allow you to flag various pieces of content on the site, such as a user, comment, or map. It will notify the moderation team and they will investigate it further.


    The general overall rating appearance has been changed to what we call the "Nibbits Opinion". This is a formula based on the ratings, and other activity on the map. The opinion scales much more slowly than a rating, and will make it much more difficult to knock a map down to "Bad" or even promote it to "Good".

    Once the previously mentioned account changes are all in place, we will be removing the ability for anonymous users to submit ratings.

    (Pending) We will also be adding ratings to comments, so that constructive comments can be promoted, and the opposite effect can happen to destructive comments.

    Pending Changes

    The pending changes/edit process for maps will allow you to either enter an author name, or link an actual Nibbits user. This still requires approval. Once an account is linked to a map they will be able to process pending changes on their maps, and skip the queue for changes they make themselves.

    Have feedback about Let me know!

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