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  • In an attempt to be open, as I'm sure eventually someone will notice these sites, I'm going to explain what they are, and why they exist. Hopefully this will avoid any crazy speculation or conspiracy of someone spidering maps from Nibbits/etc.

    Two exist currently, and they're located at and -- both run the same framework which rely on Nibbits DB. They are a VERY simplistic map listing, sorted by popularity, with download links that come back to Nibbits.

    The overall reasoning behind these sites is to generate more traffic for the map authors (and Nibbits itself). While we are very very strong in the StarCraft zone (Google points that out), we aren't as strong for WarCraft 3.

    So, these sites aim to not only provide a theoretical boost to how valuable Google sees us, but also to provide a more direct way for map users to find your content. It's mostly an experiment, but it's based on some of my past experiences so hopefully it pans out well :)

    (All in all, it only took 30 minutes to have them both online :)

    Summary = More people visiting Nibbits = More justifiable time to add the features we need :)

    Have feedback about Let me know!

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