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  • Permanent: This type of conveyors is installed for the life of the mine. They are used in main line, slope, long overland installation, preparation plants and stockpiles. Portable: These are characterised by relative ease of assembling and disassembling to facilitate advances and recovery in development and retreat operations in underground mining. Shiftable: Used in continuous surface mining this type of conveyor is mounted on skid or supporting structures aligned together and the whole can be shifted transversely to follow the advancing working face. High Angle Conveyor: These are special type of conveyor belt arrangement used for negotiating steeper angle of inclination.

    The loading and transfer points need to be properly designed. Numbers of protective devices have to be incorporated to save the belt from getting damaged by operational problems. The belt needs higher initial tension (40-200% of useful pull). The use of belt is restricted by the lump size. If the maximum diagonal of a irregular lump is X then the belt width (B) is approximately given by: B =Xa+200 Where, B: Belt width, mm X: Longest diagonal of irregular lump, mm. Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines, such as China jaw crusher, ball grinding mill, sand making machinery and so on. If you have other supplement, you can comment about my article. We learn from each other, and make progress together. Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you like it. If you have any other question, you can get int our website

    Such belts can work in slope up to 70-800. Sandwich belt conveyor is a type of such belt conveyor. Cable Belt Conveyor: Where the belt is carried on moving wire ropes and the tractive force is applied through the rope to the belt is known as cable belt conveyor.. Pipe Belt Conveyor: The belt is made to form a pipe while running the main length of the conveyor. At the receiving and discharge end the belt is like troughed belt conveyor. They are suitable for having spillage free transportation and free from risk of polluting the environment.

    mining belt equipment:

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