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  • (Not sure what Nibbler is? Check out our about page)

    If you're using a launcher and you want to be able to install SC2Mod files (StarCraft 2 mods) with the one-click download, don't worry! Nibbler is designed to be extensible, and easy to tweak.

    So to get us started, open up extensions.xml located in your programs installation directory (e.g. \Program Files (x86)\Nibbits\Nibbler\extensions.xml). You're going to see a bunch of XML code (it might look really messed up in notepad, so use wordpad or another editor).

    You'll see that right off the bat it's super easy to configure the extensions (file types) in Nibbler. So, how do we add in S2MA support. Well, we're going to assume you want to install maps into Documents\Starcraft II Beta\Maps\. Let's get to adding the lines.

    Right below the first line (<extensions>) add a new line, and put the following code:


    Have feedback about Let me know!

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