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  • You're thinking wrong.. You're allowed to use or have copied versions of your Game/Video/whatever, for secure purposes.

    BUT you're not allowed to modify or brake the protection of the Disc. In Germay you could be punished and arrested, because of that.

    In fact it's dumb, yeah.

    • You're allowed to have copies of your Discs, in case you own them, and to save them while the first one gets damaged
    • But you're not allowed to avoid the copy protection of the Disc. That can be punished by the state. (Result could be 4 years in jail)

    Maybe you should ask blizzard for help :P Try google and use some other forums to find a solution.

    Oh, my help is this: Go to and register your account there, after you've registered you can put your codes into it and download each Game you have a code for. That way you don't need Discs anymore and you can access and download the Game from every place on earth.


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