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  • I am looking for any map makers and DS enthusists interested in helping me create Desert Strike Night, a Tug of War Custom SC2 map JUST LKIE Desert Strike v Square.

    The objective of the game is to destroy your opponents Night Fortress. There are 2 teams, each consisting 3 human players and 1 computer player. The human players are responsible for training computer units that rages a bot war in the field. The team that destroys the enemy fortress, wins the game!

    Desert Strike vSquare is a map inspired by my map back in Starcraft 1. Now this time around, Id like to make an official sequel to my cult classic here in sc2.

    Desert Strike Night VS Desert Strike vSquare
    The key distinction between this map and the current DSvS is that my map will put heavy emphasis in Management and Sabatoge. Players will be able to tech through many research to help them in the battlefield. They must purchase these researches in order to - Create better tier units, make upgrades on their units, give more upgrades to the Fortress, increase mineral flow from gas, etc. Another managing gameplay would be Unit Upgrades. Players will be able to give upgrades to single units (atk, armor, etc) to individual buildings. Sabatoge spells are a big factor in Desert Strike Night. Unlick in DSvS, DSN allows players to Sabatoge Opponents Management as well as countering spells. One spell example is The Ice Trap - Players income will freeze for 30 seconds. A powerful spell used well against players who generates lots of money, potentially leaking 1000 minerals in one cast! Another spell example is The Boom Assassin - Players will be able to eliminate their opponents boom for the price of one of their booms. There are currently 15 spells and over 9,000 concepts running through my head!

    Here is a Youtube video link:

    SC1 beta map:

    Official Thread:

    If you like to help out, leave a comment or email me at

    -End Transmission


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