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  • So some numbnuts feller on ModDB decided he should make a crappy co-op edition of StarCraft's campaigns. Some of his missions weren't functional, others changed the outcomes of the missions completely, and most of them, if not all of them, made no sense at all. The overall project suffered from the terminal "spend five minutes working" disease.

    I decided that I'd fix this up, and so, from scratch, I did a co-op conversion of the Rebel Yell, The Overmind, and The Fall campaigns (that's the vanilla Terran, Zerg, and Protoss ones, for those less trivia-savvy).

    The contents of the .zip are:

    • Terran 0.scm (tutorial)
    • Terran 1.scm
    • Terran 2.scm
    • Terran 3.scm
    • Terran 4.scm
    • Terran 5.scm
    • Terran 6.scm
    • Terran 7.scm
    • Terran 8.scm
    • Terran 9.scm
    • Terran 10.scm
    • Terran 11.scm
    • Terran 12.scm
    • Readme - Rebel Yell.txt

    The reason there are twelve missions and not ten is that Terran 7 - "Biting the Bullet" and Terran 10 - "Operation: Silent Scream" are also included. These missions were previously unreleased, so I'm sure that will spice up the co-op experience.

    The contents of the .zip are:

    • Zerg 0.scm (tutorial)
    • Zerg 1.scm
    • Zerg 2.scm
    • Zerg 3.scm
    • Zerg 4.scm
    • Zerg 5.scm
    • Zerg 6.scm
    • Zerg 7.scm
    • Zerg 8.scm
    • Zerg 9.scm
    • Zerg 10.scm
    • Readme - The Overmind.txt

    The reason there's a 'Zerg 0' map is because I made a co-op version of the Zerg tutorial that was slated to be in the game originally.

    The contents of the .zip are:

    • Protoss 0.scm (tutorial)
    • Protoss 1.scm
    • Protoss 1 (beta version).scm
    • Protoss 2.scm
    • Protoss 3.scm
    • Protoss 4.scm
    • Protoss 5.scm
    • Protoss 6.scm
    • Protoss 7.scm
    • Protoss 8.scm
    • Protoss 9.scm
    • Protoss 10.scm
    • Readme - The Fall.txt

    The reason there's a 'Protoss 1 (beta version)' map is because a friend of mine gave me the beta version of the first Protoss mission, and I edited that as well. The co-op Protoss campaign also includes a co-op version of a beta tutorial.


    Crafted by Pr0nogo |

    US East

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