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  • Hello again, everyone. Pr0nogo here! I have for you - yes, you - all three of the vanilla StarCraft campaigns available for co-operative play. When I'm not too busy, I'll do a quick run-through of the Brood War campaigns and make those playable as well.

    A quick overview...
    These are the Original StarCraft campaigns. That is, they are not StarCraft II conversions, they are not StarCraft II campaigns in StarCraft: Brood War, and they are most certainly not ponies.

    You can download each co-operative campaign individually, or, if you want all three of them, you can download them as a whole set.

    Terran - Rebel Yell

    Zerg - The Overmind

    Protoss - The Fall

    All vanilla campaigns

    Every .zip contains a readme file, but they're practically identical, with a few nouns changed here and there so that it makes some sort of sense.

    I'm re-uploading these because I've gotten more than a few requests to do so. If they get taken down again, PM me on here or e-mail me at and I'll upload them to a more permanent file storage site (I think sendspace deletes files that aren't downloaded frequently enough, or something, but I'm not sure).

    Last, but certainly not least, if you have any comments or questions, let me know, and be sure to enjoy the content!

    P.S. I voiced the character in the Protoss training map because the original Fenix lines were in German. @_@ I'm a pretty high-quality voice actor and audio engineer, though, so it shouldn't be an issue. That character was made up on the spot, though, so don't get confused.

    US East

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