Castle Defense
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  • This map is inspired by Tower Defense, a.k.a TD. The map features 21 Waves and max of 4 Players, also there are the Castle Units assisting you in fending off the invasion, but will fail without your help.

    There are 2 Types of Guards, Normal (Terran) and Energetic (Protoss). Player 1 and 2 Can repair the castle with the Castle Engineers (SCV) while player is in command the offensive units.

    There 3 Mini-bosses and 3 Bosses, which are difficult. They spawn in pairs of 2.

    Only Player 1 and 2 can see invisible units in most parts, which are the Dark Templar Units, while player 3 and 4 can only detect them when they are near the Barracks, which are near Photon Cannons. While Missile Turrets act as Scout towers for player 1 and 2.

    There are upgrades which are needed for high damage and heavy armor, they finish quickly, but increase their time per upgrade level.

    This map is made by me, "THE HERO".

    Also try out Castle Elites, a multiplayer map for 2-3 players, on

  • The Units are now tough and strong enough to destroy to castle with medium difficulty, and Mini-bosses and Bosses deal more damage and have more health. Player 3 & 4 Command 2 Energy Engineers (Probes) and can build cannons and Energy Pools (Shield Batteries), but they cost Gas. The 2 Energy Players can't build any more probes.

  • I've consider to tell the readers about this map, and make them be prepared. This map features high difficulty. It is highly recommended that if you're running a game with this, and you are experienced with this map, either take Player 3 or 4, and for veterans, Player 5 and 6. The Newbies should take Player 1 and 2. The new Zerg race is at Player 5 and 6, the Protoss at 3 and 4, along with the newbie's useful guys, the Terrans at 1 and 2. The Map is made for the 6 player teamwork.

    In order to see Invisible Units, there are only 1 way per race.

    Terran: Lure them to the Scout Towers (Missile Turrets).

    Protoss: Use the probe and build cannons to find them.

    Zerg: Use the Overlords to find them.

    The Bosses require teamwork, or it will be next to impossible to defeat. You can also rush them with a lot of units.

    Don't worry about single player, the Castle has it's Defenders to help you. The Castle has 5 Upgrade Levels of Armor and Weapons.

    Becarful of the final wave. The Final Boss will be the Hardest Ever. Use ranged units against him, and spread them out, he's got splash damage. Good Luck

  • Luckily the final boss is easy to destroy since he comes alone, also add an Anti-stack trigger to prevent the Castle Units from spawn-killing.

  • Fix the Armor Upgrades,instead of 3, you now get 100, this was for the Terran armor upgrade.
    The Zergs have been added.

    The Map features Tough Units. The medics have been removed, due to high damage/Single Shot = Kill attacks from the enemy units.

    The Game Units are now balanced.Also add a Secret after the Final Wave. Fixed the Instant Spawning of the first wave asap the game started.

    Fixed the Respawn of the Secret Level Units.
    Added a "Kill Player 7 units triggers" to prevent stacking at the hostile unit's spawn point.

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