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  • expressed the hope that the Sino-Japanese to avoid "misunderstandings miscarriage of justice" because it is not only related to the Sino-Japanesenike free 5.0 sale
    relations, but also about the international economy.In addition, Rice said Obama's trip to Asia in October failed due to government shut down, changed to the next year in April.Since last year, the Japanese side illegally "buy" the Diaoyu Islands, Sino-Japanese relations in a slump, recently, Japan is still the issue of the Diaoyu Islands, "fish in troubled waters," and caused public criticism in Japan and abroad.Japanese Prime Minister Shotaro Yachi foreign policy adviser, said recently that Japan should adopt a "strategic patience" attitude towards relations with China, avoiding the issue of the Diaoyu Islands in China's "provocative act" to emotional reactions.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei held a regular press conference on the 15th, said the Diaoyu Islands issue, a party who is provocative, fair mind. No matter how transform the Japanese propaganda means, can not change the

    basic fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. If Japan really wants to improve Sino-Japanese relations, it should correct their attitude, come to solve the problem in good faith."Wall Street Journal (blog, Twitter)," said an editorial published earlier this month, the U.S. government should explicitly recognize the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, saying the Chinese claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands is not only strengthen the US-Japan alliance, while the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries to strengthen relationship.On this report, the U.S. State Department spokesman Mary Huff 4 in Washington confirmed that the U.S. position on the Diaoyu Islands issue has not changed.For the "Wall Street Journal" This report, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on the 4th that the United States not parties to the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, should abide by neutrality, do not choose sides team. China notes that the U.S. government has repeatedly reiterated the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands issue of not holding position. I hope the media uphold objectivity, impartiality, and more to ease the situation, to play a constructive role in resolving disputes, rather than the opposite. Park Geun-hye proposal, Japan and South Korea co-write history textbooks, focusing on the historical facts of World War II Japan nike free run 2 sale
    cognition and there are significant discrepancies victim State.After World War II, something the two camps in the Cold War pattern, Soviet confrontation, the U.S. shield in Japan, making Japan the government forces inherent introspection disappeared; while the "Far East Military Tribunal" large trial conducted in Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito waiver war responsibility , Tokyo Grande Instance, the US-Japan secretly reached a certain transactions, the Allies only 28 Class A war criminals to trial, has been arrested for the other 90 suspects after another major war to be released, the suspects return to society, continue in Japanese politics Weijuyaojin play an important influence, so the Japanese Society for World War II history."Tokyo big trial" for the Japanese army forced recruitment of comfort women issue, forced labor, inhuman vivo 731 Problems and biological warfare issues are no

    accessible.In history textbooks written on the historical facts about introspection WWII crimes, by the Japanese right-wing forces to resist efforts, as well as all the content was removed or changed.Emperor Akihito hereby give a history teacher, Tokyo University professor Saburo IENAGA example, he commissioned in 1952 by the Ministry of Education high school history textbook writing new Japanese history when Japan's 731 troops in Harbin outskirts of bacteria take Chinese people QUICKER vivo experiments, and then be slaughtered Load historical facts which the Ministry of Education review, refers to him "the war to be too dark," and asked him to "Write nationals desperately supporting the war glorious image", the "invasion" into "force out", the Ministry of Education to modify the "Nanjing Massacre "" Japanese invasion of China "," Japan's atrocities "and other content up to 290.Saburo IENAGA that the text of the validation system of provincial "breach of the protection of academic freedom and the performance of the spirit of the Constitution" and the validation brought him great mental pain, are at 12 June 1965 the Ministry of Education to court, 32 years of litigation until the 1997 Supreme Court of Japan before making a final judgment, finds the text Provincial Ministry to revise the "Nanjing Massacre", "731", "Japanese invasion of China", "Japan's atrocities" and other four abuse of power, should be compensated IENAGA Saburo 40 million yen spiritual loss, but the Ministry of Education's approval is still legal.Subsequent "to defend Japan National Assembly", "Showa Institute factsnike free run 3 australia
    have also called on the Ministry of Education to delete history textbooks mention the comfort women. "Liberal view of history study" dry two members of the West End has published a book of national history, claiming that the Japanese from the Jomon, Yayoi era began, ten thousand millennia to develop alone glorious history, has never been the impact of Chinese civilization, trying to deny the Japanese war crimes.In recent years, the Japanese Diet passed "Japan-US Defense

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