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  • ---Walkthrough Continued---

    Hospital -

    *Find Hook on the third floor, most north westernly room

    *Find String on the second floor

    *Put Hook and String together on your beacons and stand next to the Hole on the second floor, pick up the Basement Key

    *Use Basement Key on the Locked Door to the left of the basement, pick up Second Floor Key

    *Use Second Floor Key on the locked door on the Second Floor

    *Find the code on one of the memos in the Second Floor

    *Use the code on the locked door in the basement

    *pick up Silent Hill Historical Center Key

    *Tranverse to Silent Hill Historical Center


    +There is an Ampoule on the first floor, be wary of the Nurses and a possible Mandarin.

    +There is a Healthdrink on the second floor.

    Silent Hill Historical Center-

    *Use the Silent Hill Historical Center Key to unlock the locked door.

    *Go down the hole


    *Find the Tablet of the Gluttonous Pig

    *Find the Tablet of the Seductress

    *Find the Tablet of the Oppressor

    *Use all three items together on the Gallows

    *Find Key to Cell #47 (or some number)

    +Use Key to Cell #47 on the Locked Door on the right row of the prison, it's at the very end.

    *Find the Old Key

    *Use The Old Key on the locked door at the left row of the Prison, it's at the very end.



    -Finding the next Health Drink is tricky. Go to the row on the right, and to the second cell. Go to the toilet and retrieve the "Toilet key". Then go to the left row and use it on the first locked door. Retrieve the Health drink.

    -The Amopoule is in the bathroom on the left row next to a some showers. Be careful of straightjackets and the lumbering Abstract Daddys.

    -There is an easy way to kill the Abstract Daddys on your own. When they get close to the top of the prison, lure them to a couple of tables at the top right of the prison (there should be a memo in there). Go next to the memo and they'll get stuck trying to kill you. Kill them instead (be wary of attacking straightjackets who can still attack you away from the tables)

    Labyrinth -

    *Each character has their own unique labyrinth. It should be straight foward. In the Abstract Daddy one, micro your way to kill it. In the Freezer one. Target the REAL person and don't waste your times killing hallucinations.

    Hotel -

    *Find the key in the room to the right of level

    *Use key on the door to the left of level


    -There is a health drink in the kitchen. There should be an opening in the hall, just go inside it.

    -If you are Angela, Eddie, or Maria and there is a Loren and James present, do not use the key on the door. Instead wait for them to come into the room with the key and approach the T.V. (Loren just has to come near the room). This will allow them to see an important cinematic and have a better gaming experience.

    ---Walthrough Over---

    After then it's pretty much the end part. But it's a very exiting end part, mind you ;).

    I hope you all enjoy the game!

    Also if you have any ideas or suggestions for this game. Post them here!

    US West

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