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Intro to Miranda
by ~DarkSlayer777


The year was 2157 and humanity as we know it was in chaos. Humanity was having WWIII and humanity, laws, and society were crumbling right before their eyes! So the last amount of descent society constructed space ships and left. During that day when the ships were leaving there were lots of people trying to get in. And right before they left jets came by and bombed the bridges so none could get on! When the ships left there where 3 letters on the sides that spelled either ACI or EUN or CCF. There were three of them and they used a quick method of transportation to get to the habitable planet Miranda. The type of transportation was like bending a piece of paper and being a dot while trying to get to the other dot.

Miranda was 4 times the size of Earth and orbited around binary stars and it's overall climate was monsoon jungle. So they landed on different islands cleared the area and formed three different factions called A.C.I (American Colonization Initiative, E.U.N ( European United Nation), and C.C.F's ( Combined Communist Forces). The ACI landed on a relatively large continent with plenty of resources. The EUN landed on a medium mineral rich but bleak land continent. The C.C.F's landed on a large marshy archipelago continent with numerous resource deposits. And they rebuilt society in a different way so it wouldn't crumble again.

The ACI's government was a free and much like Americas but it was a little stricter as in it's watch and security and it made people happier in ways so the riots like on Earth wouldn't rise again. And they made changes so ACI wouldn't split apart in a civil war and there where no states the country was a whole. And it's type of government needed a new name so they came up with Unitary Nation as in really together as a unity or as in one! Joined forever no states no territories no more different laws only laws as one or under one rule. By stricter that means they have a larger police force and it has lots of checking rules such as for drugs, weapons, and illegal stuff. And they did add a lot into they're research so they would be very technologically advanced.

The EUN came up with practically the same government as before and some of the neutral colonies joined them making it a Federation and they tweaked it a little so no future problems would occur. And they kept poverty out of the picture so the nation would look better. They also added a lot of research and work into having the most nuclear weapons. They were heading towards EMP bombs as well.

The CCF's came up with a communist nation but made it less strict and let people be a little more free fearing the riots who ruined society back on Earth! And it was just called Combined Communist Forces like their name. They added a lot into military overall and are very feared. They were also putting a lot of research and funds into space colonies and setting up mining colonies on the 3 moons. Tanis, Verina, and Reva!

Afterwords another nation was formed on one of the small rocky islands the size of Australia away from CCF's home. They were part of the CCF's but they broke away because the CCF's were treating them poorly and so they named themselves the Desptotists as in the Despotism government type. They had one ruler who was an emperor he was very hearty and nice. They have a lot into space laser technology. They were putting even more funds into the air force! And were very feared for that.

And of course there were the neutral factions that were scattered across the planet. There were about 3 and they made their own unique countries and societies.

Now I will tell you how the factions work in other ways. The ACI use reusable power and so does the EUN. The CCF's however run off of Non reusable Fuels and the Desptotists run of off both.

So now I will introduce you to our main character Howard Shepard he has applied for the control tower research and control labs which was recommended by his professor. He's 25 and has brown hair and green eyes he has a medium body build and is prepared for anything.

He lives by himself in a calm peaceful looking house. He got into his hi-tech car that flew off of magnetism and landed in the parking lot he looked at his note then looked up and saw the control tower it was so tall! It looked like a hi-tech sci-fi tower. It had the top disc part that had windows and was the control room then he saw search lights and a radio looking antenna and satellite connected on the roof.

He entered the door and stepped to the desk and stopped. He saw a pained symbol on the floor it had the binary stars looking eclipsed around each other that was the nations symbol. Then he saw a security guard in the corner and he was swinging his keys while whistling. Then Howard looked back at the desk and saw the women who just returned. "Uh I have a scheduled appointment with Dr. Ksloviki." "Yes right this way" she said while showing him the elevator. "Thank you" Howard replied.

He stepped in the elevator and went up to floor 173. "Ok" he said. "Here's the locker rooms. The elevator door opened and he got out and stepped in the personnel's locker room 17. "Ok so I just have to get my lab coat on." He put on his lab coat. "Hey Howard! Hows it going?" "Huh?" "Oh!" It's fine he replied seeing one of his old friends in a security guard coat. "Yeah that's right it's me your old friend ." "Oh yeah!" "So how's the science career coming along?" "Oh fine I guess." " Yeah well take care pal." "Alright." Howard said back while walking out of the room remembering that he had to get to work.

He got in the elevator and went to the control room. The door opened and he saw this very hi-tech computer filled room it had security TV's, lots of computers, and the super computer with four screens and it has long heavy duty industrial looking cords branching to the ceiling. He entered turned on the lights then the supercomputer woke up and said. "Good morning Howard and welcome to the control towers/ research labs center." "Would you like a cup of coffee?" Howard was astonished then he said. "Sure." All the sudden the computer took a cup with a robotic hand and went to the bottom left side in between to screens and coffee started pouring out of a small compact coffee machine. "Whoa!" said Howard. It handed him the cup he took it and just stood there. "Is there anything else you can do?" he asked. "Yes I practically control this city." "Every supercomputer in every control tower controls their own cities two. "Well I knew that we studied that at my collage." replied Howard "I just thought that you did math and that was it."

Suddenly a scientist entered the room. "Ah Dr. Howard how are you? "Um I'm just fine thanks."
"Yes well I hope you realize we have switched your job now you work in a secret research lab underground." "Really where is it?" "Here let me show you." "Oh and by the way let me introduce myself I am Dr. Kislovik and I will be your boss." "Follow me" Howard followed Dr. Kislovik and went down the elevator. Then they got out and stopped. Dr. Kislovik went to the reception desk and started making signals with his hands. Then she shook her head yes. Dr. Kislovik brought Howard to a room in the back it was pretty dark and unlocked the door and closed it. He said "Howard what you are about to see is a secret if you tell anyone you will die." "Alright" replied Howard. Dr. Kislovik moved a picture and pressed a button which was behind it. The the wall shook and a door that was never there before opened they got in and went down the elevator.

It keep on going and Dr. Kislovik held is hands behind his back. And lights kept flying by it seemed so bright because the elevator had no light. Then the door opened and Howard stepped out staying close to Dr. Kislovik he made his way through these robots that had 8 legs and looked like spiders somewhat. They had industrial colors Yellow, Black, and Green. Then Dr. Kislovik explained to Howard what this place was. He said it was an underground complex with at least eight sectors and as large as a city. "Here is our future Howard."

Miranda Part 1: The Beginning

Howard was walking close behind Dr. Kislovik and Howard saw signs, robots, research facility's everywhere there where even people doing laundry! " People live down here?" Howard asked. "Yes they do." Dr. Kislovik replied. Howard and Dr. Kislovik got on a train. It was a pretty nice place. As Howard looked out the window he saw Missiles being transported, smaller trains carrying spraypainted crates, a whole lot of offices and research facilities, and he saw a sign that said Biological Warfare Facility.

The train came to a halt and Howard stepped out with Dr. Kislovik. Dr. Kislovik pulled out a keycard and scanned it into this hi-tech scanner terminal. The terminal said "Welcome back Dr. Kislovik." And a very large iron door opened. There was steam and Howard followed Dr. Kislovik in. Dr. Kislovik opened a mailbox and it said Dr. Howard Shepard's. Dr. Kislovik took out a package it had a keycard and ID for Howard. He handed it to Howard and said "Here is your equipment Howard. Howard took it and said "Thanks." Dr. Kislovik continued down the hall and stepped by private offices. Then stopped at an elevator. They both got in. And Dr. Kislovik pressed the button for sector 4 (Research and Control Labs). The door closed and they went down then it opened and they got out Dr. Kislovik led Howard down another hall. This hall was large and was kinda circular. It had large iron bars. Then Dr. Kislovik let Howard put his keycard in to test it on the terminal. It worked and another large iron door opened. Dr. Kislovik showed Howard his office after unlocking the door it was dark. Howard turned the light on. "Well here's your place." Howard looked around. "Hmm needs some heating..." Howard said.

"Ok Howard this is where you will be working from now on." Dr. Kislovik looked out a window. "Ah and look down there this is your testing lab." Howard saw the window and it was relatively large it was soundproof plus unbreakable. It had the nations symbol on it. Howard looked down and saw a spider robot (inactive) some crew members doing stuff and crates. He looked across form where he was and saw another window. Some of the crew members waved at Howard as if they needed something. "Good luck Howard" Dr. Kislovik replied. Howard went across the hall and got out another door then went down stairs to where they where they said "Hey Howard." Howard replied "Whats up?" "Well we actually have to go down to a particle collider kinda like the Hadron collider."
"It appears we need to make antimatter for some antimatter bomb." "Alright lets go!" Howard said.

The crew had reported at the particle collider. And the crew began making antimatter. After the project was done and Howard got back home he relaxed in this comfy loveseat. "He took his shoes off." Next Morning: Howard's alarm went off and he woke up and got ready for work. Howard then received a phone call form Dr. Kislovik saying "Hello." "Howard hurry get to the control tower it appears we have a problem." "What?" "Just go!" Howard did and once he got in the control room he saw Dr. Kislovik on the phone it was marked with tape EUN! Dr. Kislovik had a waving motion with his hand as if he wanted Howard to step out he did and waited in the lockeroom. He looked around and saw an awesome looking suit in a locker labeled: CLASS C COMBAT SUIT. Dr. Kislovik called Howard in.

They went down the elevator again and this time went to sector 3 (Research Labs) And as Howard rode the train "Look over there Howard." He saw underground factories with robots. They were perfectly Black,White, and Blue (as in separate colors to do separate tasks) . The robots looked like humans in a way except they're mouths where cone shapes and it reminded Howard of (Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People) The robots were typing on computers and producing new robots and upgrades. They also programmed robots and made their chips on a assembly line. "Howard these are the robots that create suits, other robots, technology, weapons, amour, and so much more!" "And just so you know they have a mind of their own so we have to keep a close eye on them." "Oh I see so if they rebel were fucked!" "Yes that's correct!" "I called you down here because I have something to show you." "I need to turn the underground nuclear power plant back on because some idiot turned it off!" "Oh so what do you have to show me?" Howard asked. "Well it appears the EUN think we have nuked them!" "What?" "Exactly I'm very confused but all I came up with is that either the CCF's did it or a neutral faction wanting power did it." Dr. Kislovik had gotten off the train and turned the power back on.

He got back on and then got off again to go to the elevator and they had made it to the top floor and entered the control room Dr. Kislovik immediately pressed a bottom then the supercomputer went into the ceiling and a cool looking flat surfaced machine came out of the floor and on the bottom of the supercomputer and a spherical projector halographicly projected 3-D images on the Landviewer 2.0. It showed the Supercomputers files and Dr. Kislovik touched through then because it was also touch screened. And Dr. Kislovik flipped though his files and displayed the EUN's capital. Dr. Kislovik and Howard had a conversation about the future of ACI and whether they should break the treaty or stay peaceful and while they were talking Dr. Kislovik had the phone ring again. "What the fuck another call?!?!" Dr. Kislovik said. He picked up the phone and EUN said "Help were getting killed." Dr. Kislovik said "Howard go in the locker room there is a suit labeled: Class C Combat Suit put in on and get in the jet." "Why?" "Because I said so!" "Now go!"

He did and as he put the suit on it felt awesome plus it said something: "Welcome to the Class C Combat Suit this is the standard edition. With this suit you can have guns that change themselves into different forms, self repair systems (Nanorobotic), and you can cloak but only for a short time. Howard got in the jet. He was flown over seas and landed in the EUN's capital and it was horrible. Howard saw the EUN's air defense in chaos the jets were crashing into the ground sounding like meteors, marines were everywhere fighting off the attack, and the whole city was on fire. Howard saw some of the opposing forces killing a friendly marine. Howard took out his gun and as he did one of the grunts shot at him! The suit said: Warning suit has taken damage now switching to combat mode. As that happened Howard felt the suit become heavier and it was much larger and tough! He also had his gun changed there was now a MP5, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and a Laser gun. Howard's helmet also had new features it could now scan and identify objects it showed his suits amour left and all his ammo and what he had left as in weaponry even his health status.

Howard then switched to MP5 mode and killed the grunt. More grunts were jumping into the trenches and Howard was not happy. Howard heard someone call for him "Hey Howard over here." He turned around and saw his brother waving for him. " Is that you brother?" "Yeah!" Howard was so happy to see his brother he hadn't seen him for 5 years and was so happy to see him he came running to him and gave him a hug. Howard said. "Quick lets get on the jet." As they were walking toward the jet a grunt had a crossbow and killed his brother! Howard was pissed! "Dammit!" He went rushing towards his brother who was dying. "Howard..." he said. "Take this CCSD ( Compact C-D Storage Device) and show it to Dr. Kislovik." Howard cried for his brother who was now dead. Suddenly a Dr. Kislovik called him and said. "Howard you need to get out of the city I just got information that the CCF's are going to nuke it!"Howard left the burning city in flames not caring about it because there was no hope even if he wanted to save the city he was unable to because a nuclear war head was being dropped on the city! He was on the jet heading home thinking about avenging his brother the whole time.

He went to the control tower and dropped the CCSD on Dr. Kislovik's desk. Howard what is this." "My brother told me to show this to you before he died." Howard went back home and took a break off of work. Later once he returned to work Dr. Kislovik told him to come to his office. Howard did and Dr. Kislovik turned on the main T.V. In the front part of the room and said. "Howard do you see this there seems to be some kind of Ion Cannon blueprints." "What?" "Yeah and get this there's also a blueprint for a portal. And this has all the videos of when someone destroyed city's it has all the atrocities they used nerve gas, nuclear bombs, and turning people into living bombs." "Wow now way." "Yes and it appears we are going to have to join the war or die!" "So you with me Howard?" "Hmm sounds good."

Miranda Part 1: The Great War

"Ok Howard we need to get these nuclear bombs created." Dr. Kislovik said. "You will be responsible for the creation and deployment of these warheads." "Alright..." Howard replied with a smile. Suddenly on the intercom it said. "All personnel in sector 2's Biological Warfare Department report to chemical spill in lab 34. "Wow looks like someones in trouble." Howard said. "Hmm." Dr. Kislovik was to busy thinking about his plans in the war. "Alright Howard come with me." Howard and Dr. Kislovik went up to the control tower to discuss war. "Howard I have to tell you something important." "And what would that be?" Howard asked. "Well I have another assignment for you before you construct the warheads you have to be flown into space to were the Ion Cannon is and destroy it." "See the thing is I've recently hacked into the CCF's space program computers and they are going to use the Ion Cannon soon!" "Really and whats going to launch me there the government has cut our space funds!?!" "I know and when I got the message I was like what the fuck!" "So were just going to launch you into space with a missile." "Whatever." Later on Howard was sent into space before he left he gave a friendly wave to Dr. Kislovik. And Dr. Kislovik gave him a file which was stored in his helmets computer file.

He was docked to the Ion Cannon and got out. "No security?" Howard was puzzled. He was going through the Ion Cannons halls and it was so odd there were spider robots carrying crates. And suddenly he was shot at by a grunt. The grunt knew it was Howard and was a headhunter. The headhunter grunt left the tranquilizer dart in Howard's armor he removed it. And the headhunter went flying off the railing and came down to hit Howard he fell. Then the headhunter was shooting at him. Suddenly the suit said Warning Battle mode activated. Now opening up battle features... Suddenly the button in the middle of his suit was blinking as if cloak mode were active! And Howard's gun was now MP5. He was shooting back at the headhunter. The headhunter hid behind some crates. Howard fought back and through a grenade killing the headhunter. Suddenly a loud and fast paced industrial siren drill was activated sounding like something as if there were a chemical spill. The intercom said "Warning intruder found in dock station all personnel must be prepared." Howard was running and passing through security doors and was killing more grunts. A grunt in a class A battle suit was throwing grenades at Howard. He had a squad of men and said. "Get that man!!" Suddenly a whole bunch of grunts surrounded Howard by getting off the ceiling with their ropes. "This is your end Howard!!" To be continued...

Miranda Part 1: The Great War Part 2

Howard was confused. "Who would have set a bounty on me?" he said in his mind. "Well Howard are we going to fight or are you going to just stand there?" Howard was very intimidated by the grunts. The grunts were stronger than the average grunt these grunts had practice. Howard was thinking of an escape plan. And suddenly the Elite Class A Suit Grunt was getting very impatient and said "Alright if you're not going to take the first shot I will." The elite grunt granaded Howard he was sent flying back into the wall. "Whoa!" Howard thought this guy is serious." Howard got up and shot at the grunts who were attempting to surround him. Howard shot a grenade out of the MP5 and it killed one grunt. Others were running towards Howard. He kept shooting at them. They returned fire. He was now running through the halls it was very hard to get past all the spider bots and the civilian workers. The elite grunt was swinging from the ceiling and shooting at Howard. Howard was now jumping over boxes due to his upgraded shoes that would turn the gravity lower and still let him run at the same speed or faster. Howard had now decided he was going to use his rocket to shoot himself up onto the railing so he could escape. He did and the grunts tried to grab him but it was to late. Howard was now running on the catwalk on the ceiling the elite grunt was still swinging and chasing him. Howard saw a door he opened it closed it then locked it.

The elite grunt was trying to get in then started banging on the glass. Howard then noticed what this room was. It was the control room there was the supercomputer and there were four different catwalks that lead to it. Underneath there were deadly fans. And he inserted the CCSD into one of the 7 hot swappable drives. He began uploading then the heard walking and the door opened. He turned around and saw a man looking at his fingernails and whistling. He stopped and said "Ah, Dr. Howard I was expecting you." "Welcome..." He said as he lit a cigarette. Howard was surprised the general guy who was old and looked like a Nazi took of his coat and hung it up. As he did Howard saw a robotic arm and weird cybernetic parts connected to his body. "The general said now lets get started shall we?" "Sure why not." Howard replied with a grin. "Hmm... A little cocky are we?" "Well I'll just have to fix that now won't I?" The general said with sarcasm." Howard was scared this guy had so many torture tools in his pocket.

The general laughed and said "Oh and Howard I was the one who killed your brother..." The began laughing... Howard was now pissed. "You worthless sack of shit!" "What did you just call me?" "You heard me." Howard replied with a angry face. Howard was very pissed and took out his gun. "Alright then well just play it this way said the general." The general snapped and suddenly very heavily armored and tough looking grunts came out except these weren't grunts they were elite grunts. "Well Howard looks like your in for some trouble because these grunts were trained in the art of killing and headhunting and they were tortured for 15 years strait!" "And they are going to kill you!" "Does it look like I care?!" Howard replied. The general looked disappointed... He snapped again and the grunts were now surrounding Howard. Howard shot at them. They didn't even notice. Howard had no choice but to use the new weapon which was somewhat heavy and it shot out this vortex like beam similar to the weapon of ghostbusters or at least how the vortex looked. The weapon used considerable amounts of energy and it ran off of complex chemicals and minerals such as Uranium. Howard hit the fire button and the Elite Trained Grunts steeped back. But his weapon jammed. He fought the grunt off anyway threw a smoke granade and hid behind the Supercomputer and fixed the weapon. Then shot incoming grunts and threw close ones off into the fans. He had to fight the general next and the general shoved a plasma sword into his chest. Howard hit the floor and almost fainted but his suit said: "Warning User Death Iminit." And It said: "Now injecting Morphine and Adrenaline." He got up 5 minutes later and killed the general who was on the computer sent the transmition out! While he was doing this he got a transmitin and this person said: "Well, done Howard... I can't wait to meet you in person good bye Howard..." Then blasted through the wall with a RPG and emptied his lungs then jumped throught space and was picked up by the ship... This comcludes part 1...

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