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RE: Village Defense
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    Great game.
    The terrain is identical to that found in Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Village Mode. It also plays similar to the game too. Being able to choose from a variety of Resident Evil characters.
    This game's highlight is it's Village Defense mode where hordes of Los Ganados come trying to kill you as you try to defend from certain locations. It features infamous monsters in the game RE: 4.
    Gameplay is excellent. You try to survive for about half an hour using your surroundings and skills. I liked how you could interact with certain weapons such as Catapults in the environment.
    This game also features a great variety of game modes such as Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, and Epic Battles to name a few.
    Another neat feature is how when the El Salvador's get near you, chainsaw sounds erupt. Although a bit too late if you just notice when it's near you, atleast you can tell that one is near your friends or vice versu.
    Overall, great game!

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