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Escape House Of 1000 Corpses
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Project Rank 6,146 out of 14,060 in StarCraft

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  • Bland and uninteresting. Has this loud music playing throughout the entire game which is unnecessary. Who wants to hear loud crazy noises for twenty minutes while walking around in an empty room with nothing around? No suspense at all. If you weren't going for suspense this music was still repetitive and seemingly out there.

    However the item pick up system was good, you pick up a new weapon and drop the weapon on the floor that you were wielding before. However idk why you chose the flag as one of them because it simply makes people crash and is very annoying.

    Nothing special about the terrain either. Plain and as boring as it gets. The text on the top was nice though, don't really see a need for it but it was interesting.

    Overall annoying music, uninteresting gameplay, nice pick up system, why the flag???, boring and uninteresting terrain, ooo text large text on top.

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