Latest: Line Tower Wars II (v 2.00).scx

Line Tower Wars II (v 2.00).scx
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Project Rank 953 out of 14,075 in StarCraft

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  • Those things don't warrant a mediocre rating of 3... This is like the only line defense map that exists in SC anyways. It's not Warcraft 3.

    Pick targets? Do you get how rigged that would be? Someone could get repeatedly targeted just for the reason that s/he is being flooded to begin with.

    <erste = 1st >
    US East
  • Not my favorite competitive Line Defense for sure, you don't get to pick targets you just attack the guy next to you...which means the guy that is trying to kill you is the last guy you can ever attack. Units do attack the next guy after they make it through the guy next to you.

    Would be nice if there were some more warnings on your lives. Unit conversions were cool, seemed pretty hard to stop any sizeable force though, but maybe its just what I was building. Be sure to make sure the best player isn't directly above you on the game slots (or behind you if your player 1).

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