Latest: Tarpit Defense 4.2(Hard).scx

Tarpit Defense 4.2(Hard).scx
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  • Project Contributor In response to Tarpit Defense 4.2(Hard).scx

    Definetly my favorite map of the series, however the kakaru Onslaught prooved unsuccesfull filler to 3.0 and faded very fast. Without farming the map lost its "takes Skill" title but around a month after it was released a bug was found involving corsair purchase and the map started becoming popular again even after the bug was being used as an exploit "lvl 18 was devastatingly difficult still.

  • Tough Tarpit defense, everyone really has to be on top of their game to beat this one. Especially once the flying critters start coming. Use your zerglings wisely to get what you will need to hold off the onslaught. Definitely want to play this with full house if possible. Worth a try!

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