Latest: Cannon D OYO 2.0.scx

Cannon D OYO 2.0.scx
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  • In response to Cannon D OYO 2.0.scx

    Over All:4/5
    Why: cool map easy to understand and it something we have seen before and make it into some special... still some few flaws...
    improvements: right now there ain't many. i have played ones but something i hated where you couldn't build more Harvesters (they doesn't need to be cheap)...

    Terrain: 3/5
    why: it isn't something Special but it is
    what there is needed for a map like this.

    Units: 4/5
    Why: there nicely balanced in live (the variety of ground An air is good to (for theres level)
    improvements: they Don't attack my defense while walking

    Sound: 3/5
    Why: Sound... how Sound... oh yeah like Rush episode...
    this one haven't got any Costume sound so,, no Bonus and Starcrafts sound is ok for the map...

    replay value: 4/5
    Why: this map is Defiantly a map i will join in but i don't know about others when they look at it For there First time (ones played it you will join)


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