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Necro World 1.1.scx
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    Having just played it, it is a very good map, though I am new to Starcraft, so I don't have as much experience here. I am a big war of attrition buff, but I found that the Terran enemy I played, AI, was pitiful. I don't know the difficulty, but you should at least try to prevent a Zerg assimilation of the map. Starting in the upper right, I moved across, grabbing two empty spots. (I played against two players, one of which was killed in the first few minutes.) The Terran enemy that survived rushed after about five minutes, by which time I had some pretty good defenses. After that, nothing. I had lurkers in about fifteen minutes, leaving it ten minutes while I built my economy. After that, it was mop up. The Terran had not expanded, save for straight down the middle. I suppose I'll try it with 8 just to see the difference. But gameplay-wise, negating the AI, good map. I could see conquest expansion, rushes being a good suggestion. No choke points, though control of the center with lurkers is an awesome strategy. The orange base is at a disadvantage, not having Vespene gas. Check up on that.

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