Latest: Final Fantasy IV RPG v1.17m.scx

Final Fantasy IV RPG v1.17m.scx
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  • I hope you're still working on this map. FFIV is one of my favourites, so I'd love to see a finished version of this.

  • Mee too,I agreed.Playing on is more fun!!!!!!!

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  • I agree, 6MB is an overkill IF it is a multiplayer map. As for Solo RPGs, i'd play anything that is pumped with songs =D

    I can help you compress some of your sound clips if you like.

  • Project Contributor In response to Final Fantasy IV RPG v1.15m.scx

    Yes, I made two versions. They differ only in that one has music, the other has none. The music version is designed for organized plays, while the non-music one is suitable for play.

    I made the music version because I felt that Final Fantasy needed that classic feel to it.

  • 6 mb? Jesus.. You must have put a lot of sounds in it

    It's going to take people ages to DL on

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