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  • Project Contributor In response to Star-Eight

    Very Keen Perception there ~RuiN~! Very good call's indeed. Something I pretty much did not re-notice until you commented is the 1v1 combo's. Basically this way it stay's an Air map, and also so you don't have a hudge mix of different player's attacking each other. The computer's have more of a rush stage on this one, hence there is no secondary bases. Also I think this one just speak's out to me in the way those old mini maps used to, only we'd all be on the right and left in the same size bases and we could attack anybody we'd all be right next to each other or lined up perfectly. Good call's tho dude! Tottallyyy!!


  • In response to Star-Eight

    whoa, looks like a tough map. i don't see any expansions except for enemy bases and i have noticed its 1v1²

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