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Voices of the past Episode 05
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    1. These maps were originally created for my younger brother because most maps hosted online have insane/hard AI and he's just not that good player (and neither am I). Here, many enemies are in fact scripted in order to control difficulty. (there is still AI but not insane, except for last mission :) )

    2. Missing parts were planned to be created AFTER 05-08 so I could get storyline str8 (and make any sense of my maps, for example, NAZIs going into the future and mind controlling Zerg so they could change course of WWII ...), but right now I have over 9000 things going on in my life so I'm afraid those maps will never see light of the day. Hell, I didn't even set ground for them.

    3. After final decision to give up on parts 01-05, I decided to publish 05-08 so SC community could enjoy at least something.

    Note: Storyline is not that important, anyway. It makes as much sense as hammering a potato in the morning (right?)

    Maps are also tribute to MOLETRAP (because of whom I discovered engilsh commentated SC videos), HUSKY and DAY[9](if you don't know who they are... leave... just leave...) and they all appear as heroes in Protoss temple mission aka Episode06

    Enjoy, friends :)

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  • Where's the other 4 prequel parts?


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