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Winding Team Defense v1.8.scx
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  • Hey, I've taken a long break from Starcraft and I will be taking Sato's idea into consideration, that the higher levels are too strong. I agree with him, I never really got around to testing the higher levels; I relied on gameplay. Thank you for your input!

  • The best strategy I've found for this map is to start early with High Templars and a few upgrades. Not too many, just enough to make them useful. Get as many temps as you need to hold your spawn and catch any leaks from other players.

    After a while, sell back your templars (I believe it's full price refund) and then switch to battlecruisers and upgrades.

    Still, much farther levels seemed invulnerable even to highly upgraded battlecruisers. I'd like to know if anyone's beaten this yet.

    US East
  • I really liked the terrain and game-play on this map--just challenging enough but not too challenging. I suggest you try to get a full house for this one and be ready for cloaked units about halfway through. You will also want to pick a type of units to get to keep your upgrading simple. You definitely will want to give this one a shot!

    US West

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