Latest: (8)Fastest Grids 2.scm

(8)Fastest Grids 2.scm
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  • Project Contributor In response to (8)Fastest Grids 2.scm

    i have a new version i will be uploading her in the next few days, still needs some tweeking :)

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  • In response to (8)Fastest Grids 2.scm

    Cool concept. Not liking the high minerals. The idea of fast at the start is cool! NoN$/FMP Hybrid maps are on the rise.

    The middle 4 players is a great idea.... But the outside 4 players are totally guarded. All players should be able to be hit from all sides to make it fair. Ever think about throwing them all in the outside middle ring?

    - fast/low (limited minerals default resource)
    - a variation with all players on the outside (or inside -- but all able to be hit from same amt of directions!)

    + wicked concept! definitely a new style of maps.

    - balance issues and so many minerals, all unlimited.

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